My teaching philosophy:

Singing is so joyful!  I love working with singers of all ages to create a healthy sound that is rooted in a free and easy breath. I strongly believe that you should not only learn how to make a beautiful sound, but also develop an awareness of your body and breath, and know why you are making that sound and how to recreate it.  I see myself as your guide on this fun and exciting journey.

My teaching is structured and informed by Bel Canto (translates to "beautiful singing") techniques used for centuries in classical music.  The fun thing is - get this - once you learn these techniques, you can sing anything, in any genre, in a healthy way!

I work with my voice students on musical theater, pop, jazz, country, classical, folk songs... it all depends on what kind of music you love.  

Lessons for children:

I see myself as a caretaker of the young student's voice. As young singers, we sing from a place of joy.   Our instrument is our body, and our body is our instrument.  It is paramount to understand how to care for the voice, and without appropriate guidance, young singers can try to imitate adults and oversing or develop unhealthy vocal habits that can limit their potential as singers when they grow older.

We only have one tiny, fragile set of vocal cords in our body, and I take my job seriously as a guardian of my young student's vocal health.  We work on cultivating an understanding of how we make sound by practicing different vocal exercises and singing fun, age-appropriate and vocally appropriate music.  

Lessons for adults:

Do you want to build your confidence when you sing and when you speak?  You've come to the right place! In your voice lessons, I will teach you how to connect to your breath, how to sing and speak comfortably and with confidence, and how to share your true voice with the world.

I am available to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult singers.  I teach anyone who loves to sing and wants to improve.   I can guide you through difficult classical repertoire, prepare you for an audition, help you gain the confidence to sing at a party, or simply help you strengthen your voice from top to bottom.  You name it, I'm on it.  I also believe the chemistry has to be right for the best learning relationship, and since the voice is often so deeply personal, I find that mutual trust and understanding are essential ingredients to a productive working relationship.

If you're interested in setting up an initial trial lesson, please write me a note on the contact page.


Let's sing!

Liebst du um Schönheit from Rückert-Lieder by Gustav Mahler. Performed by Toby Branz.