Toby teaching violin lesson
Music is the language of the heart without words.
— Dr. Suzuki

Lessons for adults:

Congratulations - you are embarking on a brave and exciting journey!

I am here to encourage and guide you as you learn and grow with the violin.  I use Suzuki repertoire with my adult students to create a strong foundation of technique.  I also love supplementing our classical music with bluegrass and fiddle tunes, or with other songs you're interested in learning. I support your musical interests at each and every lesson while helping you to develop great technique and a beautiful sound.


Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.
— Dr. Suzuki


My teaching philosophy:

I believe learning an instrument can help to develop character, confidence, and is a whole lot of fun.  It also takes an incredible amount of discipline to practice and persevere, especially in the beginning stages.

That is why I especially love working with beginners of ALL ages, children and adults.  I love teaching students who are ready to learn, motivated, and who love music.

I teach with an integrated Suzuki method, using the Suzuki repertoire and ear-training methods and supplementing with additional repertoire, etudes, and music theory and note-reading activities, as appropriate.  

Lessons for children:

I accept students ages 3 and up.  I require that the student is willing and ready to learn at each and every lesson, and dedicated to daily practice.

Parent/guardian involvement is instrumental in your child's success as a violinist!  I wholeheartedly adopt the Suzuki philosophy of the necessary partnership of parent, teacher, and student for your student's best progress and growth.  I require parents to sit and observe each lesson in order to be prepared to assist with practicing.  Parents also rent or buy their own full-size (4/4) violin and learn to play alongside their child until the child reaches the middle of Suzuki Book 1.

All young children who begin violin study with me start on a cardboard box violin to learn the fundamentals of posture, position, bowhold, crossbody coordination, care and respect for the instrument, and rhythm. Once the child is ready, we “graduate” to the wooden violin, which is always a day full of much excitement, as we are anticipating it for many weeks or months! Depending on the child’s age and individual needs, she/he learns on the box violin for anywhere from several weeks to many months.

Through our study of the violin, we learn musicianship skills, musicality, and an appreciation for hard work and self discipline.  I always tell the children in my studio, "I am not interested in you being perfect - then we would all just be robots and no one would need to take lessons!  I want you to work hard and do your best."  And that's true - I reward hard work - of both my young students, and their parents!

Proud violinists at our 2018 Winter Recital!

Proud violinists at our 2018 Winter Recital!