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Helpful Resources:

Kersh Branz Photography: For all your photography needs.  Family portraits, recitals, weddings, parties, headshots, portraits, performances... she's there!

Suzuki Association of the Americas: A wonderful place to learn more about the Suzuki Method, with tons of great resources and ideas as well.  There are also super fantastic searchable articles, conversation threads, past and present Suzuki journals about anything and everything Suzuki written by veteran Suzuki teachers!  And there are great Suzuki Summer Institutes with training for students, parents, and teachers... check it out!

Ifshin Violins: This violin shop has been around for a long time and they really know what they are doing! A great place to go when looking to purchase or rent a violin. They have an exceptional collection of music and accessories. Ifshin Violins is located in the East Bay and is easily accessible by BART and by car.  

Kamimoto Strings: Conveniently located in San Jose for those of you living on the Peninsula or in the South Bay Area.  I highly recommend them for violin rental and purchase, and for accessories.

Roland Feller Violin Makers: Great for violins and for repairs - the only place I have found that I like and trust in SF!  Fun and funky mom and pop shop in the heart of SF.  Go get some ice cream at the Bi-Rite across the street while you're there!

Palo Alto Violins: Larry Haussler is the owner of Palo Alto violins - he also made my violin for me back in 1996!  He is very knowledgable and helpful.  I highly recommend going to him for your violin.

Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for Making it Easier by Edmund Sprunger:  I highly recommend this book to all Suzuki parents!

Teaching From The Balance Point by Edward Kreitman:  Another great resource for Suzuki parents.  This book gets into detail about violin techniques, and also provides a great overview to the Suzuki method.  Ed Kreitman lays all the important info out in an easy to read, approachable way.

Shar Music: I love this company! (They are not paying me anything to say that, either - this is just my personal opinion!) I have been a fan of Shar since I was a kid and I wrote in with a letter and maybe a cute drawing... and they sent me a hand-calligraphied $10 gift certificate! (I still have it! I wonder if I could still spend it...) You can tell this company is quality, they have great customer service and high quality supplies and music for string instruments.

Everest Shoulder rests: These are high quality and affordable.  Check out the spring collection (available in all sizes) -- you can choose your favorite color!

Wolf Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest: This is the shoulder rest I use on my violin, and a bunch of my students have been enjoying it as well for their violins.  I love that you can actually bend the shoulder rest to fit your shoulder.  Also, my first one lasted me... well over a decade! Very well made, nice dense foam and a good support/shape.

Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 (Book and CD): A must-have for all of my beginning violin students.

Violins: The Art Behind The Sound: A great webpage from the USC School of Engineering explaining why violins make sound!

First Etude Album for Violin: Great for beginner/intermediate violinists.

The American Fiddle Method: Good beginner fiddle book with CD included.

I Can Read Music: Volume 1 and I Can Read Music: Volume 2: These books help to build a foundation of practical music theory, musicianship, and sight-reading knowledge - I'm a fan!

Sheet Music Plus: Great site for songbooks and other sheet music needs!

International Music Score Library Project: An amazing resource for SO MUCH FREE MUSIC, it will blow your mind.